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Reliability worthy of attention - portable charging Xiaomi

Preference for modern users on the side of smartphones and tablets with high-capacity batteries. But even this is not enough. To stay connected in social networks, not to miss any important call and to be always up-to-date with current events will help power bank Xiaomi - a portable source of external power. The device extends the functionality of gadgets without binding to the network and ensures the efficiency of their operation.

Features and Benefits of Xiaomi Power Bank

The universal battery Xiaomi is a compact and lightweight external battery that can be charged by a smartphone or tablet several times (depending on the capacity). It has several ports for connecting a portable device and charging, as well as LED-indicator capacitance to control the discharge of the battery. The manufacturer produces models for 5000-20000 mAh. The weight of the battery is up to 0.5 kg, which provides convenient transportation of the gadget - easily fits in a backpack, small female handbag or even a jacket pocket. The size of most devices does not exceed the size of the credit card. A mobile battery fits comfortably in your hand - you can charge your smartphone right on the go while talking on the phone. Style external batteries brand Xiaomi - strict and sophisticated. Power sources are attracted by a luxurious finish and a variety of colors. The design is robust, reliable, practical - the body, made of high-quality materials, makes the battery resistant to mechanical damage. For security reasons the devices are protected against overheating, short circuits, fluctuations in the network and full discharge. For ease of use, in some cases, intelligent control technology and a quick charging system are provided. Most Xiaomi batteries are compatible with Samsung, Apple, Mi, HTC, Google, BlackBerry devices - the connection is via a microUSB cable.

How to choose a portable charger Before buying a power bank Xiaomi, pay attention to the key characteristics of an external battery: battery capacity; body materials; maximum output current; the number of charging slots; types of connectors; availability of additional functions. Judging by the opinions of experienced users, it is best to select the battery "with a margin". Note that the external battery has a small self-discharge. Therefore, the additional power of the device does not damage. Especially if a long trip is planned. Take a closer look at the materials of the case. Batteries in plastic design are lighter, but metal ones are more reliable and resistant to mechanical damage (shocks, falls). In order for the gadget to be charged quickly, select the battery with the maximum output current. It is good, if the value coincides with the capacity of the standard charger, ideally - if it exceeds it. In the arsenal of Xiaomi, the indicator varies between 1-2.1 A. The presence of several USB ports for charging the smartphone and tablet at the same time extends the functionality of portable charging.