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Even more perfect, even more beautiful and functional portable battery charger Yoobao M20 is a whole mini power station in a spectacular white case, it is a supply of energy for any of your gadgets and the ability to stay in touch anytime and anywhere!

The case of the external battery M4 Master is made of high-quality white plastic, so it is pleasant and unique. Two USB outputs allow charging two devices simultaneously, and the output current of one of them is 2A (allows you to charge the tablets at high speed).

The capacity of the device is 20000 mAh. This capacity is enough to charge your tablet at least 2-3 times, and the phone is about 9-11 times. The dimensions of the device are 156.5x82.8x23 mm, and the weight is 460 g.

In the portable battery there is a LED flashlight. To activate it, you must hold the power button for 2 seconds, and to turn off, you must hold the button again for 2 seconds.
At full charge M20 the time of continuous work of a flashlight reaches 750 hours (31.25 days).

Indication of the remaining charge Yoobao M20 is carried out by means of LED-indication:
 4 LED-elements - the charge of Yoobao M20 is 75-100%
3 LED elements - the charge of Yoobao M20 is 50-75%
2 LED elements - the charge of Yoobao M20 is 25-50%
1 LED element - the charge of Yoobao M20 is 0-25%

The input interface of the device is microUSB, the output interface is 2 X USB output.

Charging M20:

The flashing capacity indicator displays the current charge M20
All the tank lights are lit and do not flash - the M20 is fully charged

Charging other devices:

The light indicators of the capacity are highlighted in blue - the device is charging
The light indicators of the tank do not light up - the device is charged


- M20 external battery
- microUSB / USB cable
- Instruction